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With all that has been going on, with Derek Smart's crusade against another game, while claiming his is superior, it is hard not to notice the facts about Line of Defense. For the few that don't know, Line of Defense is an MMOFPS similar to the Planetside series. 22/03/2016 · a compilation of stuff collected on reddit /r/dereksmart and the following source videos: JIM STERLING REVIEWS LINE OF DEFENSE https:. The Derek Smart Saga - Episode 1 - Predictions about Elite and SC. If you were wondering why the Star Citizen Reddit and official Spectrum forums were on fire after the 3.1 release. 7 yrs$180m other people's money5 studios500 devs Brought you this. Derek Smart Verified account @dsmart. Funny how nobody called him crazy back then.

Derek Smart Verified account @dsmart While I have no confidence that he will prevail, if CIG doesn't defend they will this, and they lose by default, it will cause them serious problems down the road because it will just set a precedent and open the flood gates for similar action. Derek Smart Verified account @dsmart. oldest indiedev fossil. was indie before it was a thing. science & sci-fi aficionado, gamer, game dev, writer, entrepreneur, the Battlecruiser guy.

21/03/2012 · "I think that people expect to meet 'message board Derek' when they come up," says Derek Smart's PR handler, Shannon Drake. He says the biggest part of his job when greeting journalists arriving at Smart's hotel room to preview LOD is talking them out of being terrified to meet Derek Smart. "I had guys who were very concerned about that," he says. Main › Star Citizen – Scoops › Reply To: Star Citizen – Scoops July 8, 2017 at 8:52 am 5521 dsmartKeymaster Once again, sources are telling me that the performance issues seen in the recent AtV broadcast my analysis, are thus far insurmountable, and that they don’t know how this upcoming 3.0 patch analysis []. Well, say what you want about Derek Smart but the bottom line is, he was right. When he said “The game, as pitched, simply couldn’t be built.

25/01/2018 · I mean, at the end of the day, it all boils down to “Smart v Roberts“. And most people simply can’t reconcile that.That’s on them. Just wait when the inevitable collapse comes.“ This is an article by PC Powerplay The Star Citizen honeymoon is over Opinion: Derek Smart is. 05/01/2017 · Seriously guys, this might be Derek Smart himself making this post. Nobody cares about DS, and he's known for using fake accounts and his few deluded minions into drumming up hate on social media. "Is Derek Smart right" by an account with a few posts. And the only user that's basically shitting on CIG has 2 posts. I say lock thread. 15/07/2015 · 3000AD founder Derek Smart backed the Star Citizen Kickstarter at the $250 tier, back in the days before it raised a great many millions of dollars through its own internal crowdfunding campaign. More recently, however, he's become one of its most vocal critics, going so far as to call for an FTC. Derek K. Smart is an American video game designer. He is the president and lead developer of 3000AD, Inc., an indie game development company based in Aventura, FL. In addition he is the president of and investor in the video game development company Quest Online.

24/11/2016 · Now let's all gather round and laugh at the biggest idiot to ever browse the internet. as watch as he gets completely destroyed by these comments. This is a take on the 4chan/Reddit simulators. As time went by, the denizens of these communities, came to learn that I had the uncanny ability to show up if they mentioned my name. So some smart-ass, in some forum, decided to turn that into a Bloody Mary type legend. Say his name three times, “Derek Smart, Derek Smart, Derek Smart.

Derek Smart ‏ @dsmart · 3m 3 minutes ago. Right now, there is an entire gang of her "fans" parked on a sub-Reddit dedicated to doxing, attacks, harassment at me IstandWithSandi. 5:37 PM Skip to content. 11/10/2015 · Once you build a timeline for the entire situation of Derek Smart vs Star Citizen, going all the way back to Wing Commander and BC3000AD, to Mr. Roberts starting a new grand project years in the future while Mr Smart is basically still trying to get the spiritual successor to his life's work to the world, things gather some clarity that are not. 10/09/2017 · For years Smart has been attempting to alert backers to some of the project’s problems, which is fair enough, but sometimes he can go a little too far with his comments and observations. Not that it will bother him of course, he is Derek Smart. However,. Star Citizen – Interstellar Discourse. July 10, 2015. don’t understand how the industry works, the technical challenges etc, were quick to discount this as just another Derek Smart rant, or. this point, given the exodus numbers, they might as well as get together and start their own company. There is even a Reddit thread keeping track.

“long con: A con-job that requires a certain amount of effort and as a namesake, is usually in it for the long haul. Gaining someone’s trust for a number of months and then when the stake is in your court and you have their complete trust–taking advantage of it.” BREAKING NEWS 09/24/15:Layoffs and. Derek Smart's 'New' List of Demands. Also, it should be noted that CIG responded to Derek Smart's request already and, basically, bitch-slapped him and told him to go home. Some one on reddit actually wrote them looking to get information on the investigation. Derek made a shitty game so "everything" else he has said is wrong. Hey, Laserit got a D in Calculus, I guess we cant trust anything he says for the rest of his life either. Again, I'm no fan of Dereks but. 12/03/2008 · Derek Smart's latest masterpiece is up on Gamer's Gate for purchase. And if you think it's total ass, Derek Smart will personally give you your money back, -and- let you keep the game!

Should We Question RSI & Star Citizen? Derek Smart Thinks So. Derek Smart has taken to his personal blog and launched a long piece about Star Citizen, how it has taken vast sums of money from backers who appear to, as Smart alleges, be willing in all that is spoken about the game without much actually being shown. Please go after her and take it all the way, Derek. And if not, at least keep blowing her out on Twitter. Because that shit is really funny to watch. UPDATE: More from Mr. Smart @TheRalphRetort Hypebole as inwell, seriously, think about what she tweeted and you'll see why I was laughing this morning 2/ — Derek Smart @dsmart September.

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